Good Morning Lord Jesus!

Recently I was at a Christian conference for college students and was asked to share a lesson on early rising. Afterward, one student in tears expressed his concern and struggle related to this topic. This is something many Christians including myself struggle with. As hard as it is to get up early, it is even harder to give Jesus a little time in the morning. The biggest problem after getting out of bed is not knowing how to spend that time or how much time to spend. Many books have been written related to this topic, most of which are daily devotionals which give some direction and content to this time in the morning. Most importantly, they keep you consistent. That is the key to have a morning time with Jesus.

There are many Scripture references related to waking up early that can be found in a booklet by Watchman Nee entitled Early Rising. You can find it at

Click Additional titles by Watchman Nee on the left then scroll down to number 48

New Believer’s Series: Early Rising #12

The verse that woke me up was Ephesians 5:16 which says “Redeeming the time because the days are evil.” Redeem means to buy back something which was lost or stolen. How do you feel when something of yours gets lost or stolen? If it was something precious and valuable, you would feel awful. If you knew where it was you would go get it. Even worse, if you knew who stole it you would go get them. This is exactly how I felt as I was preparing and sharing on this topic. I felt terrible that I had lost so many opportunities to give Jesus at least a few minutes in the morning. Where did that time go? Mainly it was wasted on the internet. Who took it? Satan. His biggest strategy, especially among college age is to waste time, especially in the morning. The link below talks about a very common distraction. It is entitled, “Good Morning: Where’s My iPhone.”

The good news is that Jesus likes to wake us up. Isaiah 50:4 says “He awakens me morning by morning.” A good prayer to pray when going to bed is, Lord Jesus wake me up in the morning. It is crazy how many times I wake up 5 or 10 minutes before my alarm. He is there kneeling by my bed gently nudging me. Many times I just turn over in my bed and give Jesus the cold shoulder like Proverbs 26:14 says, “As a door turns upon its hinges, so a sluggard turns in his bed.” Lately I have found a great way to turn to the Lord is by saying “Good Morning Lord Jesus!”

There is a simple song that helps. It’s called, “Good Morning Lord Jesus!”

Good morning, Lord Jesus,
Thank You for today.
Thank You for my spirit,
Thank You I can pray.
Good morning, Lord Jesus,
To You I love to sing.
Thank You, Lord, for everything.



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Howdy, my name is David and I love Jesus. I have fallen in love with the Bible and love reading Christian books and sharing the good news.
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One Response to Good Morning Lord Jesus!

  1. This has got to be one of the few things that makes the biggest difference in my relationship with the Lord. For a while there with a busy job and and exercise and family all vying form my morning time, I lost those few minutes in the morning. I finally had to write out a schedule for myself to make sure that I can allocate enough time to get revived in the morning. It’s only 15 minutes, but it makes such a big difference in my whole day.

    Thanks for the post drod.

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