Churches around the world just finished a crystallization study of the Psalms. This study consisted of 12 messages given in Anaheim, California. Leading up to this study, I had become very interested in the warfare mentioned in Ephesians 6. In particular, the verses about standing against the stratagems of the devil and against spiritual forces. I started reading a few books that addressed this topic.

Earth’s Earliest Ages by G.H. Pember delves into the pre-Adamic race that rebelled against God and explains how demons came about. This and Screwtape Letters by C.S. Lewis helped me understand what the goal of demons are and how they strategize and attack. The Spiritual Man by Watchman Nee further explains more specifically and scripturally how to withstand these attacks in our mind.

I originally wanted to blog about some of my findings in these books, especially after message 11 of the Psalms study addressed this matter. After much prayer and consideration, I found something much better I want to share.

Psalms can be summed up in four words, Christ, House, City, Earth. The implication here is that Christ is enlarging and expanding His dominion over the whole earth. There is a lot of resistance in the spiritual realm because once this happens satan and all his followers will be judged. It was sobering to be reminded that one day we will even judge fallen angels (1 Corinthians 6:3). It was encouraging to hear that demons are scared of us.

Message 12 is entitled Offering the Consummate Praise to God for the Recovery of Christ, the House, the City, and the Earth. Praising is mentioned throughout the Psalms as well as the entire Bible. King David stresses the importance of Praising when he says that he prays three times a day but praises 7 times a day (Psa. 55:17, 119:164).

What I realized was how much praising the Lord is lacking on the earth today and in my own life. This is because the ultimate goal of satan is to stop all praises to God. Anyone who has played defense in any sport knows how exhausting it can be. This is satan’s wearing out tactic. If we never take an offensive stance, we will eventually wear out and be defeated. The way to fight back is by praising the Lord!

This is seen in 2 Chronicles 20 when King Jehoshaphat was being attacked by three opposing nations. He and all of Judah and Jerusalem bowed down to worship Jehovah. They rose early in the morning, believed in Jehovah, gave thanks to Jehovah and began to shout in song and in praise. The Amplified Bible says that very moment, the enemies were “self-slaughtered” or self-destructed.

How could they sing, praise and thank the Lord when they were being triple teamed and were about to be destroyed? This is what it means to believe that the Lord has already won the victory. We know how the Bible ends and we believe it! Satan is destroyed! Jesus Christ is Victor! Praise You Lord You have won the Victory!

Here is a hymn I enjoy singing about praising and thanking the Lord.

1.         God’s economy and His eternal plan,
His heart’s desire and intention is to be one with man.
Yet man has failed completely throughout all history.
But hallelujah! Praise the Lord! God’s life is now in me.

2.         Now this life in me is flowing as the river of water of life,
Washing away all my sins, my cares, and all my strife.
This life is overcoming situations in my day.
Hallelujah! Praise the Lord! For this is what I pray:

Lord Jesus, I love You!
I give You the preeminence in what I do.
Enjoying You is the overcoming way.
Thank You for Your recovery; Your Word we will obey.

3.         Thank You for our situations and the environments we are in.
That we’d turn to You in all things, and turn away from sin.
We’d drop all our anxieties and put our trust in You.
And experience this living One whose life is ever new.

4.         Now the church life is so precious with all the saints so dear.
Enjoying all Your riches, our vision is so clear,
That all would prophesy of Christ from what they’ve seen,
According to Your scripture in First Corinthians fourteen.



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Howdy, my name is David and I love Jesus. I have fallen in love with the Bible and love reading Christian books and sharing the good news.
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1 Response to PRAISING

  1. Stefan says:

    Amen, brother. I was also thinking to share on this – Satan’s scheme to hinder our praises. We may not feel like we should/can praise the Lord due to our present condition or situation, but praising the Lord is NOT based on what we are, where we are, or what we can do! We praise the Lord for what HE has done, has given, what He is, and even that HE IS! We need to look away from our situation and our condition to Christ Jesus – His economy, His attainments, His perfect work, and all that He is!

    Praise the Lord! Lord, increase our praising! May we really see that the highest way to cooperate with You and serve You is to PRAISE THE LORD! Lord, perfect our praise! Obtain a consummate praise, dear Lord, that You may be enthroned upon our praises!

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