A popular Christian acronym I saw growing up was WWJD which stands for What Would Jesus Do? The thought is that Jesus lived a moral life on this earth for us to imitate. When we are at a crossroads we should reflect on what Jesus did and do our best to follow His pattern.

What did Jesus do? He did the Father’s will. How did He know what that was? He was abiding in God and God was abiding in Him. What does that mean? A good verse to help explain this is 1 John 2:27.

And as for you, the anointing which you have received from Him abides in you, and you have no need that anyone teach you; but as His anointing teaches you concerning all things and is true and is not a lie, and even as it has taught you, abide in Him.

The footnote in the Recovery Version says that we should practice this abiding according to the teaching of the all-inclusive anointing.

What is the all-inclusive anointing? There is an awesome footnote for that too.

The anointing is the moving and working of the indwelling compound Spirit, who is fully typified by the anointing oil, the compound ointment, in Exo. 30:23-25.

Another blog I found that talks more about how this compound ointment relates to us is


At the end of the day, what matters when making a decision is not whether we choose correctly what Jesus would do. What matters is that we invite Him into our decision, get His mind and His feeling and His anointing. The more we do this, the more Jesus can do what He wants to do in us and through us.

Here is a hymn we sang this week at my friends house related to the anointing.

1.  In the Word of God I found it,
Wonderful this Word to me;
I need not man’s natural teaching,
The anointing lives in me!
Yes, in my spirit now He is moving!
Yes I have the anointing!
God in me is flowing!
Thank God, I see it!
His Word revealed it!
I will apply it ever!
The anointing lives in me!
2.  Making Christ experiential,
God at His pure Word I take;
As the Spirit joined unto me,
He cannot His promise break.
3.  Based upon the blood that cleanses
So that nothing stands between,
Christ, the ointment, moves within me!
For His move I’m made so clean.
4.  God in Christ as life in Spirit
Into my own spirit came!
He the Holy One anoints me
Till in spirit we’re the same.
5.  God in Spirit; I can touch Him;
In my spirit He’s the flow.
Deeper, wider, richer, fuller-
Oh, the very God I know!
6.  As I heed “that same anointing”
Ever to “abide in Him,”
He is teaching, He is reaching,
Even all my heart to win.
Source:  http://www.hymnal.net/hymn.php/h/1119#ixzz1nRplRyfi

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Howdy, my name is David and I love Jesus. I have fallen in love with the Bible and love reading Christian books and sharing the good news.
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4 Responses to WWJD?

  1. Quite a different perspective than the typical WWJD. Thanks for sharing, David. Keep abiding in the Lord!

  2. Van says:

    This is not what I was expecting to read, but I’m glad to hear your view on it. Since He abides in us and we in Him, I think a better question might be, “What is Jesus doing in me right now?”

  3. I was also pondering on the meaning of WWJD, especially since when I was younger I appreciated this saying so much. As you get to know the Lord, brother, you realize that He is a living person – and you don’t ask yourself, “What Would Jesus Do” in this situation right now? – NO! He’s a living Person and you can ask Him right now, by communicating with Him all the time! And actually you don’t even need to ask – you just abide in the vine and He has a way to live through you! We don’t have “an outward religion” nor are we “outward obeying the word of the Bible”; we have Jesus living in us and we are learning to cooperate with Him by enjoying Him and letting Him live in us! And then the ones around us will see what Jesus IS DOING right now…

  4. nj12 says:

    Another hymn begins, “Live Thyself, Lord Jesus, through me, for my very life art Thou.” This is God’s desire and is becoming our desire.
    (full hymn at http://www.hymnal.net/hymn.php/h/403)

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