Jose Pagán Meets Bobby Richardson and Jesus

So I’m hanging with the fam in Colorado, bored of watching the opening games of the olympics so we flipped to the Rockies Giants game. One of the Giants players walks up to the plate named Angel Pagan, from Puerto Rico. I was reminded of another Giants player in 1962 named Jose Pagan, also from Puerto Rico. As I searched around on google to see if there was a relation, I found some sad news. Jose Pagan died. What the news articles don’t say is that Jose Pagan died with Christ.

I took a few churching trips to Puerto Rico in college and met a number of Pagan’s. I heard the amazing story of how the Pagan family came to know Christ and the church in Puerto Rico. During the 1962 World Series, Jose Pagan was on second base when Yankee second baseman, Bobby Richardson, motioned him to come off the base and chat. Though hesitant at first, Jose figured he had something very important to tell him, being the middle of the World Series. All Bobby had to say was, “Do you know Jesus?”

“How could he ask a stupid question like that during an important game like this?” was Jose’s thought. This simple question turned Jose’s world upside down. He realized he didn’t know Jesus. As he rounded third base he prayed, “Lord Jesus, I want to know You”. By the time he reached home plate, Jose was a son of God. As he celebrated with his teammates in the dugout, angels were celebrating in heaven.

Jose then began to pray for his family to be saved and for other members of the body of Christ to fellowship with back home in Puerto Rico. His prayers were answered. His family came to know Christ and the church in Puerto Rico. Here, Jose and his family found many true worshippers who worshipped in spirit and in truth.

As this was going on, Bobby Richardson had no clue what an impact his words had on Jose. He kept on sharing Christ and even led former teammate Mickey Mantle to accept Jesus on his death bed.

A very dear brother from the church in Austin went to visit Bobby Richardson in his hotel room as he was passing through Austin. He told Bobby how Jose and his family were all enjoying Christ and the church. Bobby was deeply touched and encouraged that his speaking was not in vain.

This same living and witnessing for Christ was reproduced in Jose. As I read through Jose’s obituary, this comment stood out.

Truly a god man lived to express god and live god he preached the gospel and I was introduced to the church life. – Junito Rojas, Miami, Florida


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5 Responses to Jose Pagán Meets Bobby Richardson and Jesus

  1. Was Angel related? I knew a sister named Karina Pagan a few years back. She was related to Jose Paga. He was her uncle or grandfather, I forget exactly.

    • drod55 says:

      It turns out many others had the same question. I saw it posted again and again all over the internet. If they were, it wasn’t an immediate relation. The question I have now is “Is Angel Pagan Christian?” If not, who’s going to share Christ with him?

  2. Enjoyed this very much. One of the brothers in Richardson, Tx sent it to me. I have known about Jose Pagan for some time. Your blog spot made me look up the matter of preaching always as Gospel priests…a portion: Romans 15:16 That I should be a minister of Christ Jesus to the nations, ministering as a priest the gospel of God, that the offering of the nations might be acceptable”. May we all be so willing to introduce the Lord to others. MC.

  3. Paul Zeron says:

    Saw a reference to Bobby Richardson, googled for more information and found your account. Thank you for writing this, I will be including most of this post in a sermon for this Sunday.

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