God’s Need – A further look into John 4

John 4 begins with Jesus NEEDING to go through Samaria (v. 4). Now that it’s clear that God has a need, let’s move on to what God needs and how He gets it.

In my post God Milk? I talk more about what God needs. God needs us to believe into Him! It hurts Him when we don’t believe. This is why Jesus goes way out of His way to visit a woman at a well in Samaria. She eventually believes into Him and brings the entire city to believe as well.

In this post I want to look at the way Jesus visits this woman.

Their dialogue begins in verse 7 and ends in verse 27. It contains about 20 sentences. I timed myself reading this dialogue in under 2 minutes. I’ve always thought that’s how long Jesus must have spent with her. He must have done a Jedi mind trick on her…right?

Then I came to verse 29

Come, see a man who told me all that I have done. Is this not the Christ?

The word “all” jumped out at me. To talk about everything that has happened in a woman’s life (especially this woman) is going to take more than 2 minutes. If I had to guess, I’m thinking this conversation took at least a few hours. When’s the last time you talked to someone about all their problems for a few hours?

What makes this even more impressive is that Jesus was thirsty from His 30 mile hike to get there. This is why He begins the conversation asking for a drink. As we find out after the conversation, He was also hungry. His disciples were shocked that instead of eating He was talking…to a woman. So they “urged Him, saying, Rabbi, eat” (v. 31).

Jesus responded that He already ate 🙂

What was the woman thinking? She knows that Jesus has been travelling and sees that Jesus is thirsty. She knows that drinking is a basic human need. It must have fascinated her that Jesus never ever dropped down the bucket to take a drink…that entire time!


The woman saw that Jesus had a greater need than eating and drinking. In addition to seeing how much Jesus knew about her, she must have been impressed with how much He loved her! If we would spend a few hours to visit someone and real talk with them, maybe miss a meal because we were so concerned about them, they will be satisfied, we will be satisfied, and God will be satisfied.


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