The Big Fight

The following story was written by some friends at in commemoration of the big fight.



Manny Pacquiao VS Floyd Mayweather


Hand-to-hand combat has been around since nearly the beginning of recorded history. Boxing as an organized sport can be traced back to the Olympic games in BC 688. From the prizefights of the 16th-18th centuries boxing developed mainly in Great Britain and later in the United States.

A boxing match has up to 12 rounds of three minutes each. The fighters typically get one minute between each round for some quick advice and attention in their assigned corners from their coach and staff.

There is a referee in the ring who has multiple functions. These include judging and controlling the conduct of the boxers , authority to rule on boxers’ ability to fight safely, and to rule on fouls. The referee is the one who makes the count when a fighter has been knocked down.

Boxing matches are intense but short compared to other sports. Title bouts since 2004 have averaged only 20 minutes. Most bouts had ended by the first half of the 5th round.

In the last 100 years exceptionally good boxers have arisen from around the world. They have come from countries such as the USA, Philippines, Germany, Sweden, Russia and Mexico. These boxers not only have style but have shown strength, endurance, speed, and strategy. Some have accumulated impressive win records including numerous KO’s (knock outs). These boxers inevitability end up fighting other comparable boxers in their weight division for a title and prize money.

These notable fighters and these significant matches can be also characterized by great public interest. This has resulted in large audiences and expensive tickets. Because of the caliber of these fighters, their bouts are sometimes called the “World Series of Boxing” and draw much attention. These matches are expensive to view, especially if you want a ring-side seat. Because of the volume and cost of tickets there are millions paid out in prize money.

The most significant match in 2015 is the big fight between Manny Pacquiao and WBC/WBA welterweight champion Floyd Mayweather. This fight has been called “The Fight of the Century” and is expected to break every revenue record in combat sports history. It could easily surpass $400 million. It is believed that there will be 3 million pay-per-view buys in the US, Canada and Puerto Rico. An individual viewer on TV/cable can expect to pay $100. Being the defending champion, Mayweather is the assured financial winner. His take could be $180 million whether he wins or loses the fight.


But most of us don’t realize that the biggest fight occurred over 20 centuries ago. It was between the top fighter of all time and against an opponent who was very skilled, powerful, clever and capable. It was a fight between a man and a rejected angel. What? We may ask, “Why not a fight between two men? Why a fight between a man and an angel? How and why did this kind of fight come about?”

From before time it has been God’s intention to make man as the head of all things. God’s intention is that even the angels would be subject to men. God had predestined some of mankind to receive His life that they would enjoy and express Him. The angels were created by God to help man to arrive at this goal.

But some angels rebelled. They became proud and ambitious. They didn’t want to stay in their position and rebelled against God. Lucifer, the highest angel, commonly known as Satan, took the lead to rebel. Satan was envious of God’s position and jealous of man. Satan sought to exalt himself, not only above man but above God. Since man is made in the image of God to express God, Satan pours out His hate for God on man. Satan does whatever he can to deceive, corrupt, damage and destroy man.


Satan, besides exalting himself, had the aim to gain man for himself and damage, or at best, destroy man. Satan has subtly sought to gain man’s worship, which should have been directed toward God.

Right away, after the first man was created, Satan attacked, but in a subtle way. Satan’s subtle strategy was to get man to eat the tree of knowledge of good and evil so that by eating the fruit of that tree Satan with his life and nature was able to get into man—into man’s body. “Through one man sin [singular+ entered into the world” (Rom. 5:12). With the first man, the father of the created race, Adam, Satan won a victory


But God was not caught unawares of Satan’s strategy. God in His foresight and wisdom knew all that was going to happen. Thus God had already planned a way to trap and deal with Satan. God would not do this directly, but He would use man to carry out His plan to rid the universe of Satan and his destructive chaos. Like a wise “pest exterminator” God used the first man, Adam, as a “rat trap” to catch Satan. Satan thought he had captured man, but man was God’s “bait” to catch Satan. As with boxing each fighter has his strategy. Satan thought he was clever to get into man. But unknown to Satan, God had a wise and unique strategy. God used man to trap Satan.


Initially it appeared that God had been defeated and man had been gained by Satan. The first man had become polluted and contaminated with Satan’s life and nature.

But God’s way is to have a second man—Jesus Christ. This man is very unique. He is God incarnate, having both the human and the divine natures. He was the mingling of divinity and humanity. By being born of a virgin He was without the life and nature of Satan that every other man has.

This fight is not like today’s boxing where the person who wins is the one who has the most points accumulated from the judges through the various rounds, or the one who knocks out his opponent. No. With this fight it is a fight to the death. The one who lives is the winner. Satan’s strategy was not just to hurt Jesus but to kill him. On the other hand God stepped out of eternity to be a man in the “ring” of time for the express purpose to defeat, to terminate, to destroy the devil.


God likes to see the underdog win. He likes to see the small defeat the big. He likes to see the weak defeat the strong and mighty. God likes to see people put their trust in Him and not in their natural capacity, strength or abilities.

Compared to angels, man is small and fragile. Jesus, as a man was made a little inferior to the angels. But God used this little lowly man, Jesus, to defeat the powerful rebellious angel, Satan.


The date of the “big fight” was scheduled according to God. He even arranged the “fight” to be on a certain day and in a certain city. God planned this event centuries before. He worked out many environmental matters to bring all the needed participants together for this big event.


In the visible realm the politicians, the religionists, the friends, relatives and disciples were all gathered for what they thought was the last round of this universal bout. In the unseen realm, the whole universe including God, millions of good and fallen angels, and even the demons were observing this fight.

This was a life or death match. It seemed Satan was winning because through the Jews he had motivated the Romans to put Jesus to death.

Who wins would have eternal significance. What was at stake was not a few hundreds of millions of prize money but the lives and destinies of billions of people.


On the “score card” it looked like Jesus was losing. Nearly everyone considered Jesus was finished. He had been severely beaten. He had multiple open bleeding wounds not only in His hands and feet. He was exhausted. Finally He died. Had He lost? Was that the end of the fight?


Jesus had a big surprise in store for the fight observers. He specially had something very unexpected in store for Satan! Yes Jesus had been killed, but the fight was not over. The one-two-three count started on the day of His burial. But low and behold on the count of three, on the third day, the Lord Jesus resurrected! Wow! Amazing! The dead fighter came back to life to win!

Satan thought that by killing Jesus he would win the universal fight and gain and keep mankind for himself. He could remain the god of this world. But Satan failed to realize that, when God was incarnated as a man, Jesus put upon Himself the old creation. When Satan entered mankind through Adam, he got trapped in mankind. Then on the cross when man, as the trap was killed, so was the rat in man killed. What an amazing strategy! The trap was killed and the rat was too! Jesus Christ by His death on the cross destroyed the devil. By His physical death and resurrection Jesus Christ did not KO Satan, but He KD’d Satan. Jesus Killed Satan Dead! Through death Jesus destroyed the Devil! “That through death, He [the Lord Jesus] might destroy him, who has the might of death, that is, the devil” (Heb. 2:14b).


Maybe before today you hadn’t heard this amazing news. But Jesus Christ’s victory is not only tremendous historical news but His victory has profound application to us today. Christ by His resurrection changed His form and He has become a life-giving Spirit (1 Cor. 15:5b). Now all that Christ is and has accomplished is available to us.

What “fights” are you having in your human life? Fears? Anxiety? Emptiness? Depression? Darkness? Christ the Victor is the life that overcomes Satan, sin and death. Jesus Christ not only has resurrected but ascended, and He is now far above all. He is now much superior to all the angels. When we contact Jesus Christ we get “plugged in” to His dynamic resurrection and ascension. There is no need for us to fight and struggle to overcome all these negative matters. Rather we should call His name and contact Him, the Victor. His name is above every name. “God highly exalted Him *Jesus Christ] and bestowed on Him the name which is above every name” (Phil. 2:9). To call the Lord’s name is to contact Him as a person. We can enjoy all the riches of who He is and His attainments by calling on Him. “For the same Lord is Lord of all and rich to all who call upon Him” (Rom. 10:12b).


Here is a simple conversation [prayer] we can make to contact THE VICTOR. Speak this aloud to the Lord Jesus. “Thank You Lord, that You fought the fight and You won. Thank You that You destroyed Satan on the cross. Thank You that You are the Spirit today. I ask You to come into my being, into my spirit. By your life begin to defeat every negative thing in me. Begin to defeat any of Satan’s chaos in my life and my friends’ and family’s lives. Make me a testimony of Your victory. Show in me that You are THE VICTOR. Join me with those who enjoy Your victory in their daily life.”


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