Priscilla and Aquila

aquila_priscillaIn Acts 18 there is a married couple named Priscilla and Aquila. They worked together and ministered the word of God together.

Where did they work?

They travelled around working with the Apostle Paul (Acts18:18) with their hands (Acts 20:34). They supported themselves by making tents.

expoundingAlthough the Bible doesn’t talk much about their trade, it does talk about their ministry.

Who did they minister to?

One man they ministered to was Apollos. He was eloquent, powerful in the scriptures, instructed in the way of the Lord, fervent in spirit, and he spoke and taught accurately the things concerning Jesus. He also spoke boldly in the Synagogue.

As good as this sounds, something was missing. Apollos only knew about the baptism of John.

What happens next is very impressive. Apollos humbles himself and acknowledges that he doesn’t know everything and that there is something that this husband and wife have that he doesn’t. I respect this most about Apollos. Not many big shot preachers are willing to humble themselves like Apollos and listen to what others have to say. Especially to a man and a woman who made tents for a living.

How did they minister?

According to the Greek in Acts 18:26, it is believed that Priscilla and Aquila brought Apollos into their home first and fed him, then they talked. The Greek word proslambano translated “to take to oneself” also implies to “use food, friendship, and hospitality.” This probably had something to do with opening Apollos’ heart to hear the way of God expounded more accurately (Acts 18:26). Had they pulled him aside at the podium or back stage it might not have gone over too well. Point is, a lot can happen in a home! With food and friends!

What did they minister?

They ministered the way of God. Since Apollos only knew the baptism of John, Priscilla and Aquila probably touched on topics like the Body of Christ since that is what we are baptized into, not just the baptism of John.

What’s wrong with the baptism of John?

John’s baptism was a call to repent and prepare a way for the Lord Jesus. There’s nothing wrong with it. It’s just missing something. Many Christians today have been saved and baptized but they’re still missing something, and they know it. They need “the Way” that Priscilla and Aquila were preaching and living. This “Way” was what the Apostle Paul was preaching and living. This “Way” is what every genuine believer has followed. They were even persecuted for following “the Way” (Acts 9:2, 19:9, 23).

Notice how the word “Way” is capitalized in the Bible. It must be important!

What is “the Way?”

The Way – Denoting the Lord’s full salvation in God’s New Testament economy. It is the way God dispenses Himself into the believers through Christ’s redemption and the Spirit’s anointing; it is the way the believers partake of God and enjoy God; it is the way the believers worship God in their spirit by enjoying Him and follow the persecuted Jesus by being one with Him; and it is the way the believers are brought into the church and built up into the Body of Christ to bear the testimony of Jesus – Acts 9:2 Footnote 1

What is “full salvation”?

Full salvation” means that there is more to being saved than repenting from sin and accepting Christ Jesus as Lord and savior. This is where many Christians stop. This is why many Christians stop growing and remain “infants” (1 Cor. 3:1). “God’s full salvation” includes the judicial aspect of repenting and the organic aspect of growing.

What is God’s dispensing?

God’s dispensing” means God is feeding us with the pure milk of the word so we can grow (1 Peter 2:2). This is the organic aspect of salvation. John the Baptist and Apollos preached about the judicial aspect of salvation. They probably condemned people of their sin and charged them to repent. Priscilla and Aquila nourished Apollos with food (both physical and spiritual). There is a big difference here! Organic salvation is more than having knowledge of the Bible in our mind (which John and Apollos had). It means we have a spirit that needs to be fed. Jesus is our food! We need to eat HIM! (John 6:57).

In conclusion, there are many Apollos today. There are also some Priscillas and Aquilas. To find a home like Priscilla’s and Aquila’s full of friends, food, and fellowship, check out this link:

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9 Responses to Priscilla and Aquila

  1. I love how you go through this systematically, and you finally zoom in: God’s dispensing, His economy! That’s the center, the reality, and the focus!

    One more point would be the fact that in the New Testament Priscilla and Aquila are also mentioned as having the church in that city meeting in their home. They saw the vision of God’s dispensing, they enjoyed a daily salvation, and they opened their home for the church in the locality they lived in to meet in their house! What a pattern!

    Not in the least though, they also risked their necks for the apostle Paul. Wow, what a couple, living a life of the tent and the altar, having a governing vision, and advancing in the Lord for the building up of the Body!

    • drod55 says:

      Great points Stefan! I have especially been considering the point about migration. They migrated to Rome and then met Apollos. They truly lived a life of the altar and the tent. Sounds like there’s more juice in there. Keep squeezing!

  2. Don says:

    Your words about judicial and organic remind me of Romans 5. We were ungodly (v 6) and sinners (v 8) but Christ died for us. Now we are justified (v 9) and reconciled (v 10). Beyond these judicial steps is the organic: “much more we will be saved in His life.” (v 10)
    Besides this, thanks for showing us how Priscilla and Aquila took Apollos to their home and dining table for presentation of more truth.

    • drod55 says:

      Thanks Don! I just thought of something. Are there any instances of judicial salvation in the New Jerusalem or is there just a river of water of life and tree of life?

      • drod55 says:

        And a book of life 🙂

      • Don says:

        The Lamb is there on the throne, so we have a memorial of His redeeming death. On the other hand, all believers have been perfected prior to Rev. 21–22. And furthermore, since sin, death, and the devil are in the lake of fire, there is no need of any further judicial action (e.g. no new sins to be forgiven). But there is the river and tree to supply us eternally. Thank Him! Praise Him!

    • drod55 says:

      Hallelujah!!! Thank and praise the Lamb!!!

  3. Carol says:

    David, This story really touched me. The humanity of Christ is so precious, and these were real people, not unlike us, who lived a normal life. Yet, they were so blessed to share their home with Apollos. It cause my heart to soften more towards the Lord, and to love Him for His so great a salvation. Wonderful word! Your sister, Carol

    • drod55 says:

      Thanks Carol! I like how you used the word ‘normal’. Reading the Bible, enjoying Christ, and pursuing Him with those that call on His name makes us ‘normal’.

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