God’s Move in Eagle Pass

God is moving on the earth! By His mercy we can see it and even be a part of it. In recent years, a few of us from San Marcos and surrounding cities have made several visits to Eagle Pass, Texas, mainly to visit students we know and their friends and families.

This year, we went with the goal of bringing more of these families and intimate friends into the fellowship of God’s Son, Jesus Christ our Lord.

We spent 3 days visiting students and their friends and families with the goal of inviting them to a mini-conference that Saturday. We rented a community center from 10am-4pm and packed it out. At least 60 made it to hear the Bible being unlocked and opened like never before.

The topic was 1 Corinthians. The message titles were Union and Communion with Christ, Eating and Enjoying Christ, and the Body of Christ.

Christ! Christ! Christ!


The first message introduced God’s economy. God made man in three parts so He could fill man with Himself. When we believe in Christ, we receive Him into us. At that instant, we are joined to Christ and become one with Him.

He who is joined to the Lord is one Spirit with Him – 1 Cor. 6:17

Now we have the way to commune with Christ and stay in fellowship with Him. The way is simple. Just call on the Name of the Lord Jesus.

No one can say Jesus is Lord except in the Holy Spirit – 1 Cor. 12:3

I enjoyed calling on the Name of the Lord with all the saints, in EaglePass.

The called saints, who call on the Name of the Lord, in every place – 1 Cor. 1:2

There was a table full of free ministry that got picked over. Some titles included, The Economy of God, The Glorious Church, The Normal Christian Church Life, The Four Major Steps of Christ, The Body of Christ as well as Recovery Versions and The Basic Elements of the Christian Life Vol. 1 and 2.


After the first message, the Recovery Version was introduced. The footnotes were used to expound Matthew 1:1, John 19:34, and John 6.

In Matthew 1:1, we can see that the subject of the New Testament is Jesus Christ. The first name and last name in the Bible is Jesus Christ. We can also see the subject of Matthew and how it compares to the other gospels. Matthew portrays Christ as the King-Savior, Mark portrays Christ as the Slave-Savior, Luke portrays Christ as the Man-Savior, and John portrays Christ as the God-Savior.

Then in John 19:34 we see that when the soldier pierced Jesus’ side on the cross, out came blood and water. Blood is for purchasing the church and water is for producing the church.

Finally, in John 6, the disciples were in a boat getting tossed around by a storm. Jesus comes to them walking on water and gets into the boat and immediately they get to where they are going. The storm is our human life, full of anxieties and troubles. We need to invite Jesus into our family, occupation, and school and enjoy peace with Him.

After eating lunch together, we started singing more songs together in English and Spanish. These songs included Just taste and See, Drink a River Pure and Clear that’s Flowing from the Throne, Christ Liveth in Me, Life is God the Father in Christ Jesus, Oh, the church of Christ is Glorious and We are Part of it.

The next message on Eating and Enjoying Christ was solid food. It covered a practical example of “keeping the feast”, mentioned in 1 Cor. 5:8. When we go to a home to get fed and nourished, we are then able to meet others and supply them. This has been my experience in the church life wherever I go. This was our experience in EaglePass. There was a mutual benefit in every home, we were supplied and they were too.

This ties into the last message about the church which is His Body. At the end of 1 Corinthians in chapter 16, Paul personally thanks certain brothers and sisters that refreshed him. He then sends a greeting from Aquila and Prisca and the church which is in their house. This is how Christians began meeting together, from house to house. This helps bring all the members into function. One family we visited the next day was touched by this word and expressed their desire to open their home for fellowship. Unfortunately, we had to leave.

There were many touching responses at the end of our trip. One college student from Eagle Pass said, “Nothing like this has ever happened here!” Another woman at the free literature table asked for one of everything. One sister on break from the Full Time Training in Anaheim that just graduated from Texas State was so excited to see God’s move and especially be part of it. Another sister from Kyle, Texas thoroughly enjoyed every minute of the visit and exclaimed, “I could do this again!”

Visits like these are healthy for the Body of Christ. They bring all the members into prayer and then function together to supply other members of the Body of Christ. Personally, it was the best conference I’ve ever attended, probably because of all the prayer that went into it. I really began to understand that this makes the Lord happy, having a group of people in every city as His testimony.

Much more prayer is needed so please pray for Eagle Pass and if you can, join us next time.



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Howdy, my name is David and I love Jesus. I have fallen in love with the Bible and love reading Christian books and sharing the good news.
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2 Responses to God’s Move in Eagle Pass

  1. LeiraRuthF. says:

    Amen.. thank the Lord for using the gifted ones to perfect the church unto the work of the ministry unto the building up of His Body. May the Lord bless you brothers in all your visits for the growth and maturity of the saints!

  2. generalkat says:

    I totally agree with your comments about the Body of Christ is meant to equip and supply all members with a measure of Christ to grow into His image. The home meetings are a perfect way for all members to exhibit their love for the Lord and to be built together for an expression of the living Church. I pray that Eagle Pass, Texas will experience revival and be an expression of resurrection life.

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